Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Why hello there! Thank you so much for returning to check my blog! It means a lot especially as I've not posted in a while! I got back from Prague nine days ago and I've only now built up the courage to race reality and get on with uni work. Of course that is a lie, I wouldn't be here blogging if I was doing uni work...

Anyway, I am so excited to share with you my pictures from Prague. It was so lovely and magical and an all round beautiful place. We stayed for four days and really didn't want to leave. The weather was perfect, on some days everyone was in t shirt and shorts and silly me packed jumpers thinking April would still be cold! I think its fair to say its definitely a place I would go back to!

This was taken on our third day, we wandered across Charles Bridge and headed up to the castle, inside one of the many courtyards stood this cathedral. Walking under the archway and coming face to face with this amazing building will always stay with me.

This is the view from under the archway. Wow.

Taken on our last day, we decided to have another mooch around the easter markets. We hadn't planned to go at Easter and only found out on the plane that the markets would be on! It was a great surprise! You can see the town hall in the distance.

A beautifully painted egg at the beginning of the markets.

See how warm it was!? Sunglasses weather I tell you!

Old town square was my favorite place; to eat and shop and people watch. Lots of street performers were out and the atmosphere was amazing.

One of the stalls on the easter markets sold real eggs that had been hand painted, I was too scared that one would break on the way home to buy one, but look how pretty they are!

The astronomical clock was cool to see, crazy to think its about 400 years old!

While we were there we were lucky enough to spot a Tim Burton exhibition at an art gallery. We just had to go and although you were not allowed to take photos inside it was wonderful to see all of his works under one roof, from films and puppets to scribbles on napkins!

This is a street near the castle, Prague was so pretty and it felt like you'd stepped back in time. While we were walking around we noticed a production company were making a film so we stood around to watch for a while before heading through the actual film set.

Not the post flattering photo but we took this the day before we headed across Charles bridge, it was too late in the day to venture across then but it was still great to see!

Charles bridge is probably the longest bridge I've walked across and it was full of statues, stalls, artists and street performers so it was lovely to walk across!

I'll leave you with the view from Charles bridge!

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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fill my little world - The perfect ingredients for a picnic

Bonjour to you all. I'm Bee and I blog over at Fill My Little World

Now that we in London have had more than two days of sunshine in a row, I've accepted that the time has come to get out my pink and orange patterned trousers (not as hideous as they sound, promise). This has nicely coincided with the beginning of lighter evenings and the popping up of flowers everywhere, which can only mean one thing - picnic time is upon us. 

So, with that in mind, here is a little list of some picnic ingredients you really can't do without ::

1. A picnic blanket // or a large scarf, your boyfriend's jumper and so on and so forth

2. Strawberries // they kid you into thinking it's summer in any season

3. Other food // naturally

4. Games // of any description :: frisbee, cricket bat/ball, chess (portable set or on the iPad), Monopoly if you're reallllyyyyy committed...

5. A book and/or some music // for when you all start to get on each other's nerves and/or have fallen out over board games

6. An umbrella // large enough to fit you, your party and items 1-5 under when inevitably your great weather bubble bursts

Happy spring picnicking!
What's your favourite thing to take to a picnic?

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Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hello stranger!! How terrible have I been lately? I am very sorry for my absence!! Sometimes things get in the way of blogging; uni, friends, even the weather effects how many outfit post we can manage.

I've only got about a month left of uni for this year, I am currently on a break for easter, but there's no rest for the wicked as they say as I am currently buried in assignments.

Although its not all doom and gloom, as I am off to Prague tomorrow for a lovely weekend with my boyfriend! I am so excited although I have to pack yet.. I've always wanted to go to Prague so I cannot wait to tell you all about it when I return from my adventure! 

I do have a lovely guest blogger lined up for you so don't feel sad that you've been left behind!!

More soon,

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Soap and Glory wish list!

Sorry I've been quite lately, too much uni work and not enough time! Now if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know my spending ban has been going horrendously lately so I thought I'd try and be good, instead of heading down to Boots I thought I'd do a wish list post instead!! 

I love love Soap and Glory, I blame my best friend Abigail. She's obsessed and since helping to boost her collection for her birthday, I thought I'd need to add to mine too! 
Archery Brow tint and pencil, I've not heard anything but good things about this! I'm currently living MUAs brow pallet which is by far the best brow powder I have tried but I'd like to try something different! Although I'm not too sure which shade to get, it comes in blond and brown but the brown looks very dark.. Must swatch! 
Supercat eyeliner, heard great things about this too! One of Abigail's faves and I'm sure it will be one of mine too! Gotta love a felt liner!!

Flake Away is by far the best body scrub I've ever tried. I've used similar ones to this and they don't come close! I love how my skin looks after I've used it! I definitely need to repurchase soon ready for bear leg weather especially!!

One Heck Of A Blot, I've heard plenty of wonderful things about this too! Rumour has it that it's better than Rimmels Stay Perfect.. I'm currently using a translucent Accessorize powder compact, I don't really need to use powder everyday and it does the job well. Although I'd love a natural looking powder, I always feel like I can tell my powder is there and more often than not all powders make me look orange, so if this is half as good as everyone says, I'd be very impressed! 

I do love Soap and Glory, the quality is amazing for a reasonably priced brand, but if I'm honest like everyone else I think its the packaging that wins me over every time! 

Have you tried any of these products? Or can recommend any other wonders from Soap and Glory? I'd love to hear them!

More soon,
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